Maggie Barnett

   Manager and Instructor

  Leah Imsand


We have always taught that caring, communication, and respect as experienced by playing the seven games with our horses, is a life lesson that our students carry with them as they go into other aspects of their lives.  We are asking that the same consideration be shown to our staff of instructors.  By caring about the preparations for lessons and respecting our expenditures.  We ask that you communicate with us whenever it becomes necessary to reschedule your lesson.  We will work with you on rescheduling and the continuation of the riders learning experience.  Many lessons build on the skills learned in the previous lesson and some lessons revisit and tune up basic skills.

It is important for students to learn not only the importance of caring and maintaining the horse but the process of learning that is so important in a life where things move at the speed of light.  We too are looking forward to trail rides, horse camps, horse shows, and other fun days and activities in the next months. There will be opportunities for leasing a horse as well as work/study days on Saturdays. Those students that continually support and work on their skills will have many opportunities to further enhance their horsemanship.      

May your horse dreams come true in a safe and caring place, that's always been our dream.  


Oak meadows stables

Oak Meadows Stables 


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